Y YD YS Series three-Phase asynchronous Motors

Y Series three-Phase asynchronous Motors
Standard introduction
Y series motors are low-voltage three-phase asynchronous motors, which are simple series for common goal. This series motors can meet demands for standard objective interiorly and overseas with frame range from 80 to 315. This series motors made in accordance on the national unified common.
Y series motors possess the benefits of large efficiency, power saving, fantastic operation performance, small vibration, lower noise, long support daily life, substantial reliability and simple servicing. Mounting dimensions and the power grade completely conform to IEC conventional. They may be in class B insulation, IP 44 degree for safety and cooling mode of IC411. The rated voltage and frequency of Y series are respectively 380V and 50HZ. Y connection is adopted for motors beneath
3KW (3KW included) and connection is adopted for anyone above 4KW( 4KW integrated).
Y series motors are usually applied in machinery gear with no any distinctive requirement.

YD Series multi-speed three-Phase asynchronous Motors
Standard introduction
This series motors are built and manufactured underneath incorporating the advantages of the throughout the world counterparts, and are in complete conformity with global common of IEC. This series motors utilised the approach of shifting the pole numbers to perform speed adjustment to ensure they have excellent features like little volume, lighter bodyweight, lower noise, well starting overall performance, reputable operation, simple servicing, etc. The principle technical indexes have reached the global technical regular.
The series motors are extensively used in many mechanical products which will need stepped velocity adjustment; It allow the equipments to possess compact construction, reduced noise and ability of vitality saving.
Concurrently, multi-speed motors with exclusive specification is often intended and manufactured in accordance towards the prerequisites of purchaser, this kind of as multi-speed three-phase asynchronous motor for YDT fans and pumps. Degree of safety: IP44, or IP54, or IP55; Rated voltage: 380V, rated frequency: 50HZ.


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